Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Helen's Monster Pants

So, they are finished... ta da... Helen's Monster Pants.  These pants were started in a Knit-A-Long for mothers who "Knit while they Nap".  I am quite happy with how they turned out, and they look so cute on Helen.  I will have to snap a picture of her in them as soon as possible!

All of the yarn used was stash yarn.  Here is a list of the yarn "genealogy":

Rust Yarn - from my mother's stash, taken from her while I was in college... she originally used this yarn as hair for a giant doll she made me for Christmas one year... when I was 6 or 7?

Tan Yarn - purchased in 2003 (?) for an afghan I made for Mom and Dad Fernandez.

Multi Yarn - purchased when I was in middle school (1996?) for a granny square blanket project.

Pink Yarn - purchased in college as part of a "cheap deal"  eight skeins of ugly Red Heart in dusty rose.  I sold the majority of this yarn at our garage sale this summer, but this bit had to be cut off from the rest of the skein because Marble decided to get all tied up in it.

White and Black Yarns - from my Grammy's sister-in-law's stash (shipped with several other odds and ends in 2006)

What a sweet face!


  1. HA! I totally need to see a picture of Helen wearing those....

  2. Love them!! Can't wait to see my little granbaby's bottom in them :-)

  3. Those are fantastic! I think it's so wonderful that you could actually trace the yarn's history. That makes them all the more special. You gotta post a picture of Helen in those pants.

  4. Love the look of your blog and Fulton's blanket on your sidebar.

  5. Yes! I will have to get a picture of Helen in them... she just runs around so fast now it is difficult to get a good shot :)

    Elizabeth - I have been tinkering with my blogs settings, I think I like this best... thanks for noticing!


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