Friday, October 22, 2010

A Pocket Full of Goals

With the encouragement of my sister-in-law as well as a budding group of knitting mommy friends (that's you Knit While They Nap girls!) I have begun rethinking my crafting goals.  One thing I have always known about myself is that I love to start projects, but I rarely finish them - does anyone relate?

So, this dear sister-in-law was a good example and shared her crafting goals for the year with me, and quite frankly, I was blown away! She is going to finish all of that by the end of the year! wow! And what am I going to finish?  Well, at that point... not much.

Not to be out-done, I pulled out unfinished project after unfinished project and did a personal review of the state of my mess.  I didn't bother counting, so don't ask how many there were... let's just say it wasn't pretty.  And while looking at all those projects, I thought to myself - which of these are really important to me, and which of these should just disappear? - Here is some of what I found:

Things I plan to finish this year (2010)
  • Helen's Monster Pants - at this point these where barely started (see previous post: On My Needles).  Now these are finished and I am feeling great about it.
  • Megan's Morning Mitts - from the "Maine Morning Mitts" pattern, these charming fingerless gloves I began as a birthday present for my sister (her birthday was last March.. oops) but, hurrah! I cast them off my needles last night and they are ready to be posted about and shipped to the great white north where they can be used and loved - happy belated birthday Meggers :)
  • Mother's Turtleback Sweater - still plugging away on this one, but it is so slow going that I am tempted to give it up.
  • Helen's Christmas Stocking - She is ready to celebrate her second Christmas, and poor girl still doesn't have a stocking.  I am currently finalizing the pattern details and colors on this one... she will have a stocking this December - I am determined.
Things I plan to finish next year (2011)
  • A Sweater for Me - believe it or not, I have never made myself a sweater... that is about to change.  I have chosen the pattern, ordered the yarn, and am patiently waiting until 2011 to start this daunting and exciting task.  More on this "Dream Sweater" to come in a later post!
  • Applique Table Runner and Window Valences - During the summer I drew up plans for the perfect table runner and Valences for my sweet little kitchen.  And, I already bought the fabric.  Have I started? No.  I am still hesitant about the whole applique part, but one of things that I love about crafting is the wide range of new things to learn! So, I bought a book on applique techniques, and I am determined to make this project happen next year.
  • Sun Dress for Helen - this is another project that I already have all the materials for, and the deadline is really spring for it so that she can wear and enjoy it before she grows out of it!  A side goal for this one is that the process of making this dress will help me learn how to better follow sewing patterns... something I have never been very good at.
Projects I will not be finishing and may use the yarn/supplies for other things
  • Helen's baby shrug - she is already too big to wear it.
  • Helen's knit jumper - see above.
  • 500 million knit washcloths - I just don't like using them so why knit any more. (I have several of these done, just need ends sew in - any takers?)
  • Nathan's Sweater - sorry little nephew... it just never happened. Maybe I will try again sometime with a different pattern.
  • My shawl/wrap thing - I just don't have much use for it, and it is boring.
  • Baby Jacket and Pants - the baby this was for is now almost 3... a little late, and they turned out ugly.
  • and Many Others not far enough along to even mention.
It is good to have goals, and nice to have people to tell about all the crafty goings-on of life. I am already seeing the fruits of my "finish-it" mindset.  Thank you.


  1. I'll tie in your ends on the wash clothes; then you can send them to Renie or Debbie ... they love those type of dish rags.

  2. That is a good plan, I will gather them up for you :)


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