Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Of Christmas Stockings and Bite Marks

I have decided on a pattern for Helen's stocking and have begun the process of crocheting the motifs.  The pattern is Starflower Hexagon a free Ravelry download.  With four colors in each motif, that means 8 ends to sew-in  per hexagon.  Oh! How I hate sewing in ends!!  But, I do love this pattern and think that it is going to make a beautiful stocking.

We are at home this morning, I think Helen has a sinus infection and to top it all off she was bit at daycare yesterday - on the cheek!  So, we have an appointment with our pediatrician to hopefully sort things out.  


  1. OUCH!! Poor Helen. First Lady gets her... now another kid. She must be tasty.

    By the way, I absolutely love the pattern of Helen's stocking. Will you have it finished by Christmas?

    I need to do some blogging tonight...

  2. I know! My poor baby! The {good?} news is that she does not have a sinus infection - she has an ear infection.

    I hope to have her stocking ready for Christmas, I need to make 16 of the hexagons (I have 2 1/2 right now). Then I need to sew it all together which is the tough part.

    My knitting mom group is all making stockings with the goal of completion: Nov 30th.

  3. I can sew in Helen's ends for her stocking if you like :-)

  4. I might just take you up on that mom! It would save me a huge headache :) I'll let you know when I have a stack ready for you.

  5. That is one serious looking bitemark! I can't believe that was made by a child. Loving the stocking pattern! Mine is currently only one round in so I need to start knitting a little faster to be done on time.


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