Saturday, October 2, 2010

On my needles

Das Monster - Every toddler needs a pair of monster pants.

Turtle Back Sweater - At the request of my mother... though, I have somehow lost the pattern and am now trying to read my own stitches to re-create it.

Baby Shrug - For a friend's sweet little girl, just need to sew in ends.

Pink Pullover - no ravelry link, for my little girl - not pink.

While reviewing my current projects, I noticed something- I am seeing a lot of brown.  The one thing all of these have in common is that they are all using stash yarn... I guess that says something about the state of my stash.  Suddenly I have the desire to add another project to my queue... in turquoise perhaps.


  1. The little shrug for your friend had finished up nicely. I also like my shrug .. maybe a Christmas present? Plus I do like all the shades of brown you are using, nice work honey :-)

  2. p.s. You should add a picture of the Monster Pants from the instructions, it is so cute.

  3. Those are some sweet projects. Are these some of the projects you need to finish for your goals?


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