Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Adventures in Bread Baking

While trying to use my day off to its best advantage, I decided to bake a couple of loaves of whole-wheat bread. This was my first experience with making actual loaves of yeast bread... the nearest was making pizza dough. Overall, the experience was wonderful. I enjoyed mixing, kneading, and rising my dough, and of course the payoff was delicious. Next time I hope to get the bread to rise even more (love those little bubbles).
Half a loaf went to neighbor to loaned me a bread pan... I only had one... will put a second on my wish list if this is something I hope to continue in the future. The freedom to have a day to (really morning) to just bake (plus do laundry, wrap Christmas Gifts, get house ready for decorating, update blog, and knit) is really a luxury. Must do good things with these little luxuries....

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