Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweater #5 - The Buttony Sweater

Sweater #5 is complete! This one is destined for my baby sister who will be celebrating her college graduation this upcoming weekend.... though, I may have to be mean and save it for Christmas as I had originally planned.

Blue Bonnet Buttony 1

The Buttony Sweater is a well-loved free pattern on Ravelry.  It is a very basic pattern and written in the size of the designer.  Each individual that knits it has to adjust the pattern to suit their own yarn and size.  And most use the notes of others to make these adjustments.

I was no different.  I referenced the notes of WindingRiver's Tweedy Fall sweater and Raptwithfiber's Bulky Buttony.  Adding some short rows in the top for a little more breathing room, and following the lead of many of the knitters by keeping the sleeves short and sweet. The result will hopefully be a sweater that will fit my sister!

Blue Bonnet Buttony 2

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky Yarn in Indigo. I have never used this yarn before, but really liked it. It is soft and washed up nice. I wanted something machine washable and not super-pricey, so this was a great choice. And the fact that it is a Bulky weight yarn meant the sweater knit up very fast. I have one skein left that is destined to become some kind of chunky baby sweater for my stash of baby gifts.

Here is my Ravelry project page: Blue Bonnets for Amee

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  1. Very nice, can't wait to see it on the model!


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