Thursday, September 13, 2012

A few quick updates

I have been offline since Monday. Being internet-less for three days was a challenge for me. I filled the time mostly with the kiddos, old VHS tapes, phone calls to my mother, and knitting... oh, and picking out a new washing machine (poor 1980's Kenmore, you will be missed!).

Row of Sweaters
Washed and ready to give away! (I think next year I will be focusing on selfish knitting... I am already mourning these pretties.)

Kinsale 3.4
Clare models the finished Kinsale... the chair and pose were her doing.

Purple Libby 1.4
I finally got this one....

Purple Libby 1.3
to smile!

Kids in Sweaters 2
Nice try getting a picture together! Yes, we rarely wear pants...

Kinsale 3.0
Kinsale Sweater

Purple Libby 1.0
Purple Libby Sweater


  1. Very pretty knitted pieces and very cute kiddos!

  2. Ack! Love the Libby sweater! It's going to look so great on it's recipient. Can't wait for her to get it. :-)


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