Friday, September 28, 2012

Window Shopping

It takes a lot of effort these days to get both girls down for a nap at the same time... so when the stars align and they both sleep peacefully, I try not to misuse those precious minutes cleaning the house (it just gets dirty again anyways). Lately I have been enjoying knitting video podcasts while I knit and relax.

My three favorites are:
Knitting in Circles with Aimee and Darren
The Fiberista Files with Heather from Highland Handmades
and the Knitabulls Video Podcast with Diane (I just started this one!)

I love listening/watching these lovely knitters while I knit away at my long to-knit list (I even made calendar deadlines for all these projects I have lined up!).

Today Diane inspired me to share my "window shopping".  She is stashbusting and trying not to purchase new yarn, and is now sharing her window shopping instead of her purchases. I LOVE this idea. I love to admire all of the lovely yarns and patterns, but have no where near the funds to buy everything I love... so why not share what I love anyways :)

Photo Credit: Terri Kruse Make Mine Strawberry

I love love love love love (how many loves can you take?) the patterns in the new Vintage Ice Cream Truck ebook pattern collection by Terri Kruse. These patterns are beautiful and I am really enjoying the Kinsale sweater which is also her pattern. The Lime Pop sweater is also one I hope knit one day.

Photo Credit: Family Pendragon

I am also really loving Family Pendragon's Fall 12 Color Rainbow colorway... what a great way to welcome the changing seasons than with some yummy fall yarn :)

Lastly, I am contemplating taking up spinning... I really don't need another hobby (or more equipment to store!), but it just looks like SO much fun. Heather from Highland Handmades (and the Fiberista Files Podcast) sells top whirl spindles that her husband makes... and of course she sells beautiful fiber for spinning. Tempting, very tempting.

Image of Top Whorl Spindle 3 - Maple, 2oz
Photo Credit: Highland Handmades

If you want to see more of what I love, just check out my Pinterest boards.

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  1. Thank you for the podcasts! I've been so out of the loop and need something to listen to during those naptime knitting sessions too.


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