Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Birthday Deadline

With my 30th birthday just a few short weeks away, I am making plans to do what I love best - spend time with my family (it's my mother's birthday too) and shop for yarn!

I will be yarn shopping with my mother at the Madtosh store and hopefully picking out two skeins of Madelinetosh Prairie to make a Simplicity Cardigan for myself. But in the mean time I am hurriedly trying to complete my Citron Shawl in hopes that I will be able to wear it on our yarn shopping outing - as yarn shopping requires the extra finesse of wearing your hand knits with pride.

Citron 2.3

In order to make this happen I have to knit 3 to 4 rows everyday leaving me about three days to get it washed and blocked. So far I am doing good, except this morning I noticed a pretty obvious mistake a few rows back... I think I am going to have to fix that tonight after the kiddos are in bed - hopefully it won't set me back too far :(  That is what I get for trying to knit lace weight with two kids climbing all over my lap!

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