Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Allure of Hand Quilting

Recently my mother completed a beautiful quilt for my newest nephew. This reminded me of the equally gorgeous gift she gave to my first daughter, Helen. For years I have been meaning to hand stitch around the lovely floral appliques on the quilt, but just now I am pulling it out to work on.

Helen's Quilt

Why is hand quilting so alluring to me? Well, mainly because it is slow and quiet. I have never really enjoyed sewing with a machine - which is why I knit so much! I feel secluded from my family when machine sewing, and it is loud no matter how "quiet" the machine claims to be. You also have to sit at a table facing the machine - not sitting in a comfy chair watching your children play or chatting with friends.

However, I do love working with fabrics... so I have always wanted to do a little hand quilting. How perfect that my mother is able to make these beautiful applique quilts that I can embellish at my own speed - slow.

Helen's Quilt

Do you like to sew by hand?


  1. It looks great. I love your choice of fabrics. As to your question, I like sewing by hand... but I love the more instant gratification of machine sewing.


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