Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Knit a Monster!

Meet Pumpkin Patch (or Pumpkin Puke as I like to call her)! Knit up for the Knitabulls podcast October KAL out of all stashed really old acrylic yarn and already serving as a friend and chew toy to my kiddos.

Pumpkin Patch the Knitted Monster

Just lounging around. Pattern is the free "Gotta Love Me Monster" on Ravelry.
Pumpkin Patch the Knitted Monster

It is funny how your perspective changes over the course of many years knitting. This little monster felt like she was on my needles FOREVER, but in reality she only took about 20 days of on again off again knitting to complete. That would have been SUPER SPEEDY for me just a few short years ago.

After this little hiatus from sweaters, it is back to the sweater list for me!

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  1. Too cute, love your pumpkin patch (no puke intended)!!


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