Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall Garden Planning

As summer turns to fall, I have had my thoughts set on planting an assortment of perennials and flowering ground covers in my flower beds. I am mainly tired of just growing weeds and haven't yet purchased and planted any actual plants (other than my vegetable garden).

http://www.highcountrygardens.com/ has made this planning a lot easier through mail order online shopping. I really like that this site made suggestions based on region and specialized in drought tolerant, sun-loving plants. They also have a good "dead plant" policy. 90 days to make sure everything survives and then a refund, credit, or exchange based on preference. I am hoping that everything lives!

I purchased:

  • 8 Veronica rupestris "heavenly blue" - a ground cover with 4" tall blueish-purple flowers, these I will plant around my already establish amaryllis bulbs.

  • 3 Nepeta "Six Hills Giant" or "Catmint" - looks kind of like super sized lavender, and I couldn't resist the photo of the cat enjoying the catmint!

  • 3 Achillea filipendula "Coronation Gold" - Catmint's suggested companion, smaller in size with round dandelion type flowers (Both this and Catmint will be planted along the shed in the backyard, in between the hardy hibiscus and crape myrtles

  • 1 Agastache Sampler - includes 5 different Agastache plants, which flower from summer through fall and attract hummingbirds and butterflies. These I will plant under my redbud tree, outside my bedroom window. I think the hummingbirds will definitely amuse the cat who likes to perch there.

All the plants are scheduled to arrive by September 26 for a weekend planting hurrah!

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