Monday, September 1, 2008

Falling in Love with Crochet... Again.

After a long absence, a slight hiatus in the knitting realm, and desperation to re motivate to complete many different handmade gifts, I have started another project. It began as a knit project, but soon was torn out and started anew as a crochet project.

I had forgotten how quickly a crochet project forms. How it turns into what you hope it will be so much more swiftly than knits. Granted, I LOVE the smoothness of a knit project and how much for professional my knit projects appear than my crochet, but there is just nothing like seeing the progress of a project develop over a short amount of time. Ah, crochet.

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  1. That's exactly my reason for wanting to learn crochet. I learned how to knit first and it took forever to finish that dishcloth I made for my polish grandmother. She sure did love it though. I'm almost finished with a crocheted doll for our daughter and then I'm going to set to work on a project that utilizes my most favorite yarn in my stash. I'm going to make a ribbed crochet scarf. Very simple using only single crochet stitches.


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