Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Happiness Project

I recently discovered a new blog: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

She is an author who decided to take a year and try every "happiness plan" on the market for her soon to be published book of the same name. I mostly have enjoyed her wednesday "tip" day where she gives out life tips she herself has developed or that she has found. The range from how to motivate yourself to exercise or not shop excessively to my favorite, her look at Pope John the XXIII's list of tips on how to lead a better life:

Ten tips for living a better life, one day at a time -- from Pope XXIII.

The greatest thing about this list, a Gretchen points out is that it is a list for today... just today... tomorrow we will try again, make adjustments, etc... but, today we will try.

- yesterday I only drank one :) soda
- I completed my weighted ball exercises last night
- we woke up, exercised, and said prayers this morning
- I am ready for a wonderful day: knitting club... a chance to work on another goal of completing my project!

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  1. This seems right up my alley. We can all do with a little more happiness, though I prefer to seek joy rather than happiness, which seems a little more dependent on circumstances. Of course, I'm saying this without having read the blog yet, but I will!


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