Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Slow and Steady is tough.

Tuckernuck Sleeve

This is the first sleeve for Helen's Tuckernuck Cardigan. These cables are KILLING ME. Seriously. Knitting lots of cables is SO SLOW. Luckily I have already finished the body of this sweater, but these sleeves feel like they are taking forever.

I love love love love love this Berroco Vintage yarn. The color is perfect. It is soft and squishy and lovely. I love that I will be able to thrown this sweater in the washing machine - yay for washable yarn!

I had planned to knit a second matching sweater for Clare and have enough lovely yarn for one... now I am thinking she will get a less cablely sweater, maybe a variation of this one. I would like her to be able to wear it this fall, and at this rate it won't be done until she has already outgrown it. hmph.

In happier knitting news, baby Joshie received his Kinsale sweater! Isn't he sweet! It looks like he will be able to wear it all winter - plenty of room for growing :)

Kinsale Josh in Sweater


  1. Washable wool? Would that be good for hats? Could you please remind me again where you buy your yarn online?

    Joshie is adorable in that sweater. Makes me want to have another. :-)

  2. Love the sweater on Josh - it really brings out his blue eyes!!!


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